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^This was made by my friend Emily. you can see where she decided it should stay black and white, lol. it's a great drawing.


^My good friend Jenn drew this one of Dark Phoenix, Isn't it AWESOME!?!


^Uhhh, I drew this one, it's kinda old, I haven't drew anything for awhile, but when I do I will definately put it on here for you all. ***Whispers***"it'll be better then my old one, duh."


Here's some Fanart from Me, my friends, and some talented artists on the net. your welcome to send me your Fanart i'll gladly post it on this page. If you are going to send something, make sure you include your name in the e-mail.

NOTE: when you send me a e-mail, make sure you put "DP Realm!" in the subject, cause I get alot of junk mail and I might delete your messege.

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